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In-Line Cartridges

In-Line Cartridges (S-T33, S-T33G, S-T33GL, S-T33R, S-T33B, S-T33Y, S-T33P, CL10PF5)

.Working Manual: ..Media: Coconut Shell Carbon, Polymers, or Ion Exchange Media. ..Activated Carbon Size: 20 x 50 Mesh ..Service Cycle: 2,000 Gal or One Year ..Max. Flow Rate: 0.6GPM ..Max Working Temperature: 120°F,...

In-Line Cartridges

In-Line Cartridges (M-LCL10-1, M-LCL10)

Size: Dia.2.5 Length: 12 Working Manual: Max. flow rate: 1.0 GPM, 3.79 LPM Max. working temperature: 120°F, 50°C Max. working pressure: 125 PSI Inlet and Outlet: 1/4"

Block Carbon Filters

Block Carbon Filters (MUBC20KS, M-20CTC, UN20CTC, MUBC10KS, M-10CTC-85, M-10CTC-KS, M-9CTC-KS, MCTC7, MCTC6, M-5CTC, S-6CTC)

Remove 95% Chlorine, 95% of VOC, inorganic chemical, turbidity. Service cycle: Remove bad taste and odor.

Polypropylene Filters

Polypropylene Filters (MUBPP20, 500PPF, 270PPF, MUBPP10, PPF, M10CCF, M7PPF, M5PPF, M5CCF, M40PPF, M40CCF, M30PPF, M20PPF, M10PPF)

Filter length: available from 2.5" to 60" Filter micron: range from 1, 5, 10, 30, 50 to 125 micron Customized size and micron are available.

Pleated Filter

Pleated Filter (MUBLZP20, MUBLZP201, MUBZP20, MP3020, ZP205, ZP201, MUBLZP10, MUBZP10, MP30, ZP101, ZP105)

Are designed to fit 1050, 2050 big diameters housing. These pleated filters are made of PP material, which are suitable for regeneration after washed out particulars. Available 5-20 micron for various applications. Lengt...

Pleated Filter

Pleated Filter (OZP201, OZP202, OZP101, OZP102, OZP103, OZP104)

High flow rate with low pressure drop. Pleated design provides high contact surface to remove silt particulars and longer life. Polyester material in most conditions are suitable for regeneration.

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